About New York Doctors


Better and equally good health for all New Yorkers.


The coalition is: a collection of diverse physician and healthcare advocacy groups located or with local chapters in the New York area. The coalition exists to: strengthen the voice of doctors advocating alongside our patients and communities. We pursue our mission through: a forum for timely and rapid updates on political and social changes; and a structure to pool our knowledge, skills, and resources in planning and coordinating action.


  • Universal and equal access to affordable, high quality healthcare

  • Equity in health through just health and social services, and redress of root causes

  • Meeting health needs of all, especially excluded or stigmatized, patients and communities

Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How

In late 2016, local New York leaders from national and local medical and health advocacy groups came together. Historic social and political changes lent urgency to establishing, formalizing, and growing the coalition. We now bring together over 20 groups numbering over 20,000 doctors and trainees in and around New York City.

We meet over video conference on Sundays from 8 - 9:30 pm, with a shared email network, social media presence and online resources. Each group in the coalition devotes resources and endorses issues and actions on a case by case basis. Resources include: media templates, contacts, & channels; advocacy tools & workshops; and local & national networks.


  • Timely sharing of information and action via: email, phone calls, and in-person meetings

  • Developing advocacy campaign strategies and tactics

  • Targeting local politicians at all levels of government via organization of or participation in: in-person visits, phone calls, social media, letter-writing, public events

  • Leveraging local and locally-based national media via organization of or participation in: press conferences, op-eds / letters-to-the-editor, social media, and public events

  • Boosting actions of member groups and partners by: supporting logistics, fielding speakers, driving turnout, and amplifying media

  • Gathering stories on the impact of policies, systems, programs, services, and conditions

  • Mentoring and supporting physicians and physician organizations in other localities and nationally around coalition-building and advocacy