Letter to NYS DOH on Public Health Impact of Eviction

August 3, 2020

New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker

New York State Department of Health

Corning Tower

Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12237

Re: Public health impact of eviction

Dear Dr. Zucker:

As a coalition of healthcare workers, epidemiologists and public health experts and advocates, we are witnessing firsthand the devastation of New York residents by the COVID-19 pandemic. We see how the pandemic exacerbates existing inequities in our community, disproportionately killing the working poor and people of color. As we confront the twin tasks of recovery from the initial surge and prevention of a second wave, we recognize that the bulk of this work lies beyond the walls of hospitals.

One principle we cannot emphasize enough: safe and stable housing is essential to recovery from and prevention of COVID-19.

Social distancing and self-isolation are essential measures to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Projections based on mathematical modeling of disease spread and real-world data from the first six months of the pandemic have shown that those measures are effective at suppressing the rate of coronavirus transmission to manageable levels, in effect, “flattening the curve.” Of course, recommendations to self-isolate are effective only insofar as individuals and families have safe and stable shelters in which to isolate. Given that in June 2020 alone, approximately 25% of renters in New York City missed their monthly payment, it is clear that without a concerted effort to support those at risk of eviction, isolation at home or even basic social distancing would be impossible. According to data from cities where eviction moratoriums have ended, eviction filings rise almost immediately, in some cases to pre-pandemic levels. Opening housing courts to begin processing evictions is a recipe for disaster. It will inevitably add to the burden of COVID-19 cases and strain the City’s Test and Trace efforts, as well as the hospitals downstream.

Beyond the context of a pandemic, unstable housing is a well-known hazard to health. A large body of literature shows that housing is a core social determinant of health. Individuals experiencing homelessness also experience a higher burden of mental and physical disease than those who are housed. The experience of eviction and forced relocation itself, even if a person does not become homeless, has been associated with poor health outcomes. The high rent burdens placed on many low-income families also force many to postpone essential health services, including doctors’ visits and prescription medications out of concerns for cost. In a year when we have seen opioid overdose deaths once again climb nationwide, we are also reminded that individuals experiencing homelessness are at a significantly higher risk for opioid overdose. As COVID-19 threatens communities already struggling with the ongoing opioid epidemic, there is no doubt in our minds that stable, affordable housing is an urgent policy intervention. If we are to support the health and wellbeing of New York residents through this pandemic and beyond, we must ensure safe, stable and affordable housing.

For all the reasons above, we as healthcare workers and public health experts find it imperative to support housing rights organizers across the state in their call for legislative action to help New Yorkers stay in their homes. We endorse the demands issued by the Right to Counsel NYC Coalition and Housing Justice For All’s Housing Courts Must Change Campaign, asking the State Department of Health to take action in the following ways:

  1. Conduct a full inspection of all courts where evictions happen across the state to determine the current conditions in each courthouse and to assess firsthand the dangers represented by the physical layout of each court.
  2. Conduct a full investigation and interpret the data on the impact of evictions on public health. This is necessary information for the state to have in order to understand the consequences of the decisions that are being made, including the disparate impact a reopening of housing court and resumption of evictions may have on low income communities of color hit hardest by COVID-19.
  3. Demand that the Office of Court Administration close housing courts and maintain the indefinite and universal moratorium on evictions across the state while this investigation is being conducted.

Preventing evictions and moving towards a system that ensures safe, secure housing for all is an essential part of our continued response to COVID-19. The housing crisis should be treated as a public health emergency. It is imperative that the Department of Health take action now to prevent the worsening of a crisis that has already claimed thousands of lives.


Organizational Signatories:

  1. Act Up - Fight Covid 19!
  2. American Psychoanalytic Association
  3. Apicha Community Health Center
  4. American Psychiatric Nurses Association
  5. Callen-Lorde
  6. Center for Family and Community Medicine, Columbia University Irving Medical Center
  7. City Wide Tenants Union of Rochester
  8. Columbia Harlem Homeless Medical Partnership (CHHMP)
  9. Commission on the Public's Health System
  10. Community Health Care Association of New York State (CHCANYS)
  11. Community Healthcare Network
  12. Comunilife, Inc.
  13. Corporate Campaign, Inc.
  14. EndAIDSNow
  15. Family Services Network of NY
  16. Fifth Avenue Committee
  17. Finger Lakes Community Health
  18. Finger Lakes for New York Health
  19. Foundation for Integrative AIDS Research (FIAR)
  20. Health Justice Innovations, LLC
  21. Housing Works
  22. Hudson Valley Demands New York Health
  23. JD Strategies
  24. Long Island FQHC, Inc.
  25. Manhattan Central Medical Society
  26. Nassau County DSA
  27. Neighbors Helping Neighbors
  28. North Country Access to Health Care Committee
  29. NYC Coalition to Dismantle Racism in the Health System
  30. NYC Democratic Socialists of America Healthcare Working Group
  31. NYS American Academy of Pediatrics - Chapter 2
  32. NYS American Academy of Pediatrics - Chapter 3
  33. NYS Academy of Family Practice
  34. Peer Network of New York
  35. Planning Alternatives for Change
  36. Progressive Doctors
  37. Q Clinic
  38. Refugee Health Alliance
  39. Ryan Chelsea-Clinton
  40. Ryan Health
  41. Settlement Health and Medical Services, Inc
  42. Street Medicine Institute
  43. Student National Medical Association - Zucker School of Medicine
  44. Students for a National Health Program - Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  45. Students for a National Health Program - Albert Einstein
  46. Students for a National Health Program - Columbia VP&S
  47. The Health & Housing Consortium, Inc.
  48. The Mount Sinai Doula Project
  49. The Women's Therapy Centre Institute
  50. Trillium Health
  51. Uptown Progressive Action
  52. VOCAL-NY
  53. Westchester Citizen Therapists

Individual Signatories:

  1. Allyssa Abel MPH, MD Candidate
  2. Kaitlin Abrams Program Assistant for Community Partnerships, Housing Works Housing Works Inc
  3. Karen Adamson MD
  4. Margaret Adeleye
  5. Nana Ekua Entsiwa Adenu-Mensah MPH
  6. Joanne Ahola MD
  7. Angela Aidala PhD
  8. Zuhair Al-Atwi Nuclear Medicine Technologist
  9. Joseph Alban M.S, L.Ac.
  10. Nathan Albert MPH
  11. Carol Allen MD
  12. Taiwo Alonge MD-MPH Candidate
  13. Beverly Alves Teacher
  14. Sibyl Anderson MD
  15. Annika Anderson MPH
  16. JuLita Andrew MD
  17. Robert Andrews MD
  18. Harold Appel MD
  19. Nicholas Apping MD
  20. Van Asher Community Organizer, Housing Works
  21. Dylan Atchley MD
  22. Rebekah Azzarelli CCH
  23. Erinn Bacchus MPH, PhD Candidate
  24. Melissa Bair CNM, WHNP-BC
  25. Krystyna Banach
  26. Samprit Banerjee PHD
  27. Brenda Bauer PsyD
  28. Morgan Beckham
  29. William Belecz MBA COO/CIO Trillium Health
  30. Emily Benfer JD, LLM
  31. Trude Bennett MPH, DrPH
  32. Gary Bennett
  33. Sewit Bereket MD Candidate
  34. Joel Berger
  35. Nancy Bermon MD
  36. Amanda Berry
  37. Stephanie Bershad RN RN
  38. Jasmine Bhatia MD
  39. Chirag Bhatia MD Candidate
  40. Evelyne Blaikie
  41. B. Benjamin Bleier
  42. Aisha Bobb-Semple MD
  43. Susan Bonadonna MD
  44. Diane Borko MSW
  45. Adraenne Bowe FNP, PNP, ANP, RN, MS
  46. Sharon Bowie
  47. Collin Brantner
  48. Carl Braun, MD
  49. Norma Braun, MD
  50. Heather Brody LMSW
  51. Michael Brown DO
  52. Samantha Brown MD-PhD Candidate
  53. Keair Brown
  54. Alexandra Bruno
  55. Suzanne Burger PsyD
  56. Ken Burritt
  57. Brittney Butler PhD Candidate, MPH
  58. Nancy Campau CNM PNHP
  59. Marc Campbell DO, PhD
  60. Rachel Caracci
  61. Luisa Cardenas MPH
  62. Valerie Carlisle
  63. James Carmody
  64. Junita Carn MPH
  65. Jack Carney DSW
  66. Emily Carpenter
  67. Matthew Carroll Community Organizer
  68. Deborah Carroll
  69. Cathy Carron MD
  70. George Carter Director, Foundation for Integrative AIDS Research (FIAR) Foundation for Integrative AIDS Research (FIAR)
  71. Sondra Carter MD
  72. Nicole Catá
  73. Jacqueline Cataldo RN
  74. Dan Cayer Teacher
  75. Lisa Cheatham RN
  76. Monica Chen
  77. Tina Cheng DO
  78. Merlin Chowkwanyun PhD, MPH
  79. Briana Christophers MD-PhD
  80. Paula Chrysostome RN
  81. Xi Chu MD
  82. Samantha Cinnick MPH
  83. Camille Clare MD, MPH
  84. Eston Clare
  85. Eve Cleghorn MPH
  86. Omoyeni Clement MD Candidate
  87. Fiona Clowney MD Candidate
  88. Garfield Clunie MD
  89. Robert Cohen MD Robert L. Cohen MD
  90. Evelyn Collazo
  91. Kimberly Colón NPP APNA
  92. Seth Congdon MD
  93. Patricia Constantino
  94. Caroline Cooke MPH
  95. Angela Coombs MD
  96. Margaret Copi MD
  97. Christina Cotte
  98. Arielle Coughlin MD Candidate
  99. Robert Cowen PhD
  100. Gretchen Craig
  101. Margaret Craven MD
  102. Ashley Curry MD
  103. Joan Marie Cusick
  104. Tara D’Andrea Community Organizer
  105. JD Davids
  106. Donald Dawkins MD
  107. Alexandria Debasitis MD Candidate
  108. Caitlin Deliso MPH
  109. Maddy deLone JD
  110. Mary Dewar RN
  111. Kaitlin DeWilde MD Candidate
  112. Carolyn Dickie NP
  113. Holly DiMura PA
  114. Danae DiRocco MD, MPH
  115. Jillian Diuguid-Gerber MD
  116. Ana Djordjevic MSc
  117. Ann Dolinsky MD
  118. Diana Dominguez Garcia
  119. Myra Donnelley Health Care Worker
  120. Kamini Doobay MD, MS
  121. Jordan Dow MD
  122. Sam Dubin MD
  123. Maria Duenas MD
  124. Esther Dyer MLS, DLS
  125. Althea Eboh
  126. David Edelman MD, MPH
  127. Rachael Edelson MPH
  128. Amy Edminster LCSW
  129. Annalise Eger MPH, MD Candidate
  130. Leo Eisenstein MD
  131. Elisabeth Ellor
  132. Abeer ElTemtamy DDS Candidate
  133. Jan Emerson PhD Ms
  134. Jen Epstein Community Organizer
  135. Alexander Epstein
  136. Yarelix Estrada MSPH
  137. Alaní Estrella MD Candidate
  138. Nicole Evancha MPH
  139. Katherine Falk MD
  140. Allison Farrow LCSW
  141. Eran Feit MD
  142. Anthony Feliciano MPH, Executive Director, Commission on the Public's Health System Commission on the Public's Health System
  143. Alan Felix MD
  144. Lisa Fencik RD
  145. Ali Fenwick Community Organizer, McCarren Gathering
  146. Bianka Figueroa
  147. Katie Fiorella PhD, MPH
  148. Miriam Fisher Teacher
  149. Judy Fletcher Community Organizer, NYCD16 Indivisible
  150. Joanna Flores MA, MD Candidate
  151. Carol Foresta Community Organizer
  152. Laura Forman
  153. Les Forman MD Physician
  154. Sarah Forthal MPH
  155. Vicki Fox Teacher
  156. Hannah Frank
  157. Robin Frankel
  158. Seth Frazier
  159. Samuel Freund
  160. Hannah Friedman MD
  161. Elizabeth A. Frye MD, MPH
  162. Liza Fuentes DrPH, MPH
  163. Xanthe Gallate
  164. Emily Galpern MPH
  165. Rocio Garcia Community Organizer
  166. Cari Gardner Community Organizer, NYPAN Greene
  167. Sheila Geist
  168. Gena Gelb MS
  169. Maria Gervits MD
  170. Samantha Getsin MD Candidate
  171. Maya Geyer LCSW
  172. Alhasan Ghazzawi MD
  173. Kelly Gilbert Medical Scribe
  174. Julie Gilgore LCSW
  175. Blen Girmay MD
  176. Linda Gochfeld MD
  177. Stephen Goldfinger MD MD
  178. Janet Goldmark MSW
  179. Andrew Goldstein MD, MPH
  180. M. Pilar Gonzalez MD
  181. Michael S Goodman MA
  182. Kathleen Gorman MD
  183. Erin Goss MD
  184. Lizbeth Grado MD
  185. Alexander Graff MD Candidate
  186. Aysa Gray Community Organizer
  187. Ayisha Green Community Organizer
  188. Jill Greenberg MPH
  189. Rebecca Greenblatt PhD
  190. Maxim Gubin
  191. Emma Gugerty MD Candidate
  192. Daniel Guild
  193. Jaime Gustafson
  194. Eugene Hamond MS
  195. Bernadine Han MD MS
  196. Stephen Hanna
  197. Taylor Harrell
  198. Xander Harris
  199. Lara Hart MS Candidate
  200. Brooke Hartman
  201. Iman Hassan MD
  202. Batul Hassan MPH
  203. Angela Heimburger MPH, MScEd
  204. Robin Helms
  205. Grace Herman-Holland
  206. Julia Herskovic MPH
  207. David Herszenson MDH, MPH
  208. Nick Herzik MD Candidate
  209. Sarah Hill MPHTM, MD Candidate
  210. MC Hill
  211. Jessica Ho MPH, MD Candidate
  212. Kelly Hoffer MFA, PhD Candidate
  213. Neal Hoffman MD
  214. Louisa Holaday MD
  215. Julia Holber MD Candidate
  216. Lauren Hollender RN
  217. Kim Hopper PhD
  218. Michael Howard
  219. Yuli Hsu Community Organizer
  220. Tiana Hudson-Jerman
  221. Lori Hurley MPH, LMSW
  222. Susan Hustleby MS
  223. Isla Hutchinson Maddox MD Candidate
  224. Ellen Isaacs MD
  225. Emily Jacobs LMSW
  226. Tanvi Jain MPH
  227. Ronald Jaworski.
  228. Jacky Jennings PhD, MPH
  229. Meredith Jones MPH
  230. Khadija Jones MPH
  231. William Jordan MD, MPH
  232. Nancy Joseph DO
  233. Kimberly Kaiser LPN
  234. Miriam Kaplan RN
  235. Isuree Katugampala MD, MPH
  236. Shelli Katz CCLS
  237. Martha Ellen Katz MD HMS
  238. Susan Katz MD
  239. Wendy Katz PhD
  240. Caroline Katzman MD
  241. Laurie Kellogg
  242. Dwight Kemp MD
  243. Darwin Keung MPH
  244. Tahmid Khan
  245. Sohaib Khuram
  246. Young Hun Kim MD Candidate
  247. Emily Kintzer MD
  248. josh kleinmuntz LCSW Elmhurst Hospital HHC
  249. Maureen Knapp
  250. Laura Kogel LCSW The Women's Therapy Centre Institute
  251. Mayumi Kohiyama
  252. Sam Kokoska
  253. Betty Kolod MD
  254. Michael Koncewicz PhD
  255. Magda Kossowska
  256. Ted Krever
  257. Jessica Kruse PhD Candidate in Clinical Psychology
  258. Evelyn Kuang DNP, PMHNP-BC
  259. Anurima Kumar
  260. Anirudh Kumar MD, MPH
  261. Terry Kupers MD, MSP
  262. Sienna Kurland MD, MPH
  263. JohnPaul Kwak MD Candidate
  264. Shelley LaMacchia RN
  265. Patricia Lamanna LMSW
  266. Taylor Lampe MPH
  267. William Landolfi
  268. Mara Lane MA None
  269. Dmitriy Lapin MD-PhD Candidate
  270. Maura Larkin LM, CNM
  271. Marc Lavietes MD
  272. Stephanie Le Melle MD
  273. Tashara Leak PhD, RD
  274. Joanna Lee PhD Candidate
  275. Judit Lendvay MD
  276. Marjorie Leopold Community Organizer
  277. Zachary Leopold RN
  278. Robert Lerner MD
  279. Betty Levin PhD
  280. Sarah Lewin LMSW
  281. Amber Lewis MSW Candidate
  282. Cynthia Lewis MD
  283. Yu Li
  284. Letitia Li MD Candidate
  285. Kathy Li
  286. Rebecca Liebendorfer MPH
  287. Sarah Lima MPH
  288. Lian Kirit Limperis PhD Candidate
  289. Maya Lipsman MPH
  290. Amanda Lister PhD Candidate
  291. Michelle Liu
  292. Patricia Loftman CNM, LM, MS, FACNM
  293. John Long DDiv
  294. Wendy Lu MD Candidate
  295. Daniel Lugassy MD
  296. Madeline Lui MD Candidate
  297. Phyllis lusskin MS
  298. Andrea Lyman MD, MSc, MS
  299. Dylan Macciola MD Candidate
  300. Brooke Madubuonwu MSc
  301. Moorea Maguire
  302. Divya Mahadevan
  303. Danny Maiuri Community Organizer
  304. Savita Manwani MD
  305. Anna Marcus Community Organizer
  306. Robert Marin MD
  307. John Markowitz MD
  308. Melanie Marsh Community Organizer
  309. Sabrina Martin MD
  310. Duncan Maru MD, PhD
  311. Mariya Masyukova MD, MS
  312. Niki Matsoukas
  313. Gabrielle Mayer MD
  314. Cecelia McCall PhD
  315. Elizabeth McGriff Community Organizer
  316. Thomas Mcinerny MD
  317. Cecily McIntyre MD Candidate
  318. Alison McMahon MA
  319. Hunter McQuistion MD
  320. Glen McWilliams MD
  321. Zoe Meleo-Erwin PhD
  322. Robin Menikoff
  323. Erica Meninno MD
  324. Jessica Meyer MD Candidate
  325. Anisa Mian MPH
  326. Bria Midgette
  327. Yana Mihaylova
  328. Jeff Mikkelson Community Organizer
  329. Sophia Miller MPH
  330. Carolina Miranda MD
  331. Anna-Luisa Mirto MD, MPH
  332. Marcela Mitaynes Community Organizer
  333. Brandon Mogrovejo MD
  334. Bonnie Mohan Executive Director, The Health & Housing Consortium, Inc.
  335. Kelly Monaghan Health Care Worker
  336. Lance Morgan LMSW
  337. Olivia Moscicki MD Candidate
  338. Dina Moumin MD Candidate
  339. Ronica Mukerjee DNP, FNP
  340. Gail Naftalin MS
  341. Donna Neale MD
  342. David Nemiroff President/CEO of Long Island FQHC, Inc.
  343. Noa Nessim MD Jules Netherland MSW, PhD
  344. Leona Newman Certified Health Education Specialist
  345. Linda Nguyen MPH
  346. Luisa Nilan MD Candidate
  347. Mary Nolan PhD
  348. Maeve O'Neill MD
  349. David Oehl PTA/s
  350. Michael Ohene-Adjei
  351. Jo Oppenheimer Psychologist
  352. Michael Osei
  353. Temisan Osowa MD Candidate
  354. Michael Pahl
  355. Jose Palacios MD Candidate
  356. Sheila Palevsky MD MPH
  357. Ethan Pan
  358. Dionne Parker RNC,ANP, MS Ed.
  359. Shreeja Patel MD Candidate
  360. MaryLouise Patterson MD
  361. Cheryl Pearlman LCSW
  362. Gillian Pederson-Krag
  363. Cristina Pelin MD Candidate
  364. Zinaida Pelkey DO
  365. Travis Peng MD Candidate
  366. Nancy Perkins Community Organizer
  367. Rose Perry PhD
  368. yudy Persaud MD
  369. Pamela Petkanas LCSW-R
  370. Ellie Pfeffer Community Organizer
  371. Selina Phan PsyD Candidate
  372. Daniel Pichinson MBA, Ryan Chelsea-Clinton
  373. Courtney Pina MD Candidate
  374. Madeline Pollifrone MPH
  375. Tiffany Porras MPH, MD Candidate
  376. Leslie Prusnofsky MD
  377. Stephanie Przedwiecki
  378. Matthew Pulaski MD
  379. Kelvin Quinones MD, PhD
  380. Maritte Rahav
  381. Barrie Raik MD
  382. Rebeca Ramirez
  383. Ezequiel Ramos MD Candidate
  384. Amanda Ramsdell MD
  385. Anuj Rao MD
  386. Aditi Rao MPH, MA
  387. Boris Raskin
  388. Aleksandra Recupero MD-PhD Candidate
  389. Michele Reed DO
  390. Mira Renchner LCSW
  391. Micah Resnick MD
  392. Marilyn Reyes Community Organizer, Peer Network of New York
  393. Karines Reyes RN
  394. Kayla Ringelheim MBA, MPH
  395. Kimberly Ritraj MPH
  396. Jennifer Robson
  397. Emma Rodney MD Candidate
  398. Cynthia Rodriguez
  399. Karly Rodriguez LMHC
  400. Ray Rogers Corporate Campaign, Inc.
  401. Selma Rondon L. Ac.
  402. Anna Rose MD Candidate
  403. Penny Rosen LCSW
  404. Bruce Rosen
  405. Michele Rosenberg MD
  406. Ilana Rosenberg PhD
  407. Beth Rosenblum
  408. Juno Rosenhaus Community Organizer
  409. Marni Rosner DSW, LCSW
  410. Jasmine Ross
  411. Bernadith Russell MD
  412. Ricki Rusting
  413. Margo Smith MD
  414. Angelica Saada MD
  415. Parya Saberi PharmD, MAS
  416. Elen Safarian MD Candidate
  417. Monika Safford MD
  418. Shahzaib Saleem
  419. Reise Sample MD Candidate
  420. Ana Sandoval MPH
  421. Martina Santarsieri MD
  422. Sabba Sarwar MD
  423. Sydney Sasanow MPA
  424. Holly Sass LMT
  425. Gail Sasso PhD Clinical Social Work
  426. Elena Schaef
  427. Melanie Scharrer MD
  428. Florence Schroeder MPH
  429. Marleen Schussler
  430. Marian R. Schwartz
  431. Joel Schwartz Health Care Worker
  432. Cheryl Seaman MD
  433. Marie Senat RN
  434. Melissa Sepe Chepuru LMSW
  435. Olivia Shabash MPH
  436. Divya Shah MD
  437. Aaron Shapiro MD, MPH
  438. Ellen Shaw MSN, RN, CPNP
  439. Megan Shen PhD
  440. Marc Shi MD
  441. Sam Shockey PT, MSPT, GCS
  442. Alyson Shotz
  443. Carole Shreefter
  444. Helen Shuttleton
  445. Samantha Siler
  446. Alexabdt Simao DO, MPH
  447. Kelsey Sklar MD Candidate
  448. Samantha Smith
  449. Peter Smith MD
  450. Brittany Smith MPH, CHES
  451. Amanda Smock
  452. Marisa Sobel MPH
  453. Susan Soboroff MD
  454. Paulette Soltani Community Organizer, VOCAL-NY
  455. Jamie Song MPH Candidate, Community Organizer
  456. Jo Sotheran PhD LSF Services
  457. Sire Sow MD, MS
  458. Kevin Spath LMHC
  459. Jessica Spellun MD
  460. Katherine Stack MPH
  461. Sasha Stahl MSW Candidate
  462. Peter Steen MD
  463. Samantha Stimmel MD
  464. Sandra Stratton-Gonzalez Community Organizer
  465. Kimberly Sue MD, PhD
  466. Stephen Sukumaran MPH
  467. Mary Ellen Summerville MDiv, LCSWR
  468. Anna Larisa Sunderland Midwife, NP, RN
  469. Alexandra Surget MD Candidate
  470. Leika Suzumura RD, MPH
  471. Julie Takatsch RN
  472. Jane Talcott
  473. Jade Tan MPH
  474. Qian Kun Tan RN
  475. Nicole Taravella M.Ed.
  476. Connie Tate
  477. Michael Taub
  478. Andrew Telzak MD
  479. Ana Tergas MD
  480. Deborah Thelen
  481. Victoria Timmel MD Candidate
  482. Ashley Ton
  483. Anthony Torres
  484. Kristine Torres-Lockhart MD
  485. Innes Tounkel MD Candidate
  486. Tarlise Townsend PhD
  487. Bruce Trigg, MD MD
  488. Ana Trilla MPH
  489. Kim Truong MPP, MPA
  490. Janell Tryon MPH
  491. sandra turner MD PNHP
  492. Adele Tutter MD, PhD
  493. Laura Ucik MD
  494. Philip Vachon
  495. Sheila Vakharia PhD, MSW
  496. Deepti Varathan MD Candidate
  497. Maya Vasser
  498. Natan Vega Potler MD
  499. Ashni Verma
  500. Martin Viola MA
  501. Sarah Vogel
  502. Joyelle Walker RN
  503. Patricia Walsh Community Organizer
  504. John Wang MD
  505. Linda Wang MD
  506. Carol Wang MD Candidate
  507. Kirsten Ward MD Candidate
  508. Camilla Wasserman PhD
  509. Dorene Watkins
  510. Julie Wegener MD
  511. Chevaughn Wellington MD Candidate
  512. Anne Wennerstrand LCSW-R
  513. Lauren Wessler MD
  514. Kim Westrick MPH
  515. Libby Wetterer MD
  516. Ralph. Wharton MD
  517. Holly White Nurse Midwife
  518. Yolanda White
  519. Lushana Willis RPh, Pharm D
  520. Kai Wilmsen MPH
  521. Eric Woods MD
  522. Helen Woolcock
  523. Celia Wright MPH
  524. Susan Xing MS Candidate
  525. Veronica Yu MD Candidate
  526. Wendy Zapata DO
  527. Lela Zaphiropoulos LCSW
  528. Erica Ze o MPH, PhD Candidate
  529. Mary Zelazny MBA, Finger Lakes Community Health
  530. Michael Zingman MD MPH
  531. Katarina Zumwalt MPH


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